Marceline and Gunter

Marceline and Gunter sharing a box

Here they are sharing a box

Marcy being strange

Marceline sometimes goes by Marcy or Mama or Mamacita. She is a strange creature.

Marcy hates mondays

Marcy hates mondays

Gunter being a special boy

Gunter AKA Goonts, AKA Bubuh, AKA Bubie, is a very special boy.

Gunter in a christmass tree

Here he is in my parents christmas tree


Rosie enjoying nature

Rosie or more formally Rosalind Franklin or Wosie to those who know her well is my old roommates cat. She is very good cat so I had to include her. Here she is enjoying nature.

Rosie looking guilty of knocking over her cat grass

and here she looks guilty of knocking over her cat grass